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5-star expeditions that ignite the senses

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A warm, authentic and refined travel experience.

Over the past 30 years, we’ve taken more than 300,000 passengers to some of the most fascinating and breathtaking destinations, stopovers and geographical sites on earth. Experience Arctic landscapes, sun drenched vistas in the heart of the Mediterranean and exquisite islands in the Pacific. Experience places that you will treasure for a lifetime.

Discover PONANT.

New Itineraries

If you’re yearning to see new things, we’ve designed routes throughout the world that are rich with rare encounters. From thematic cruises to expedition cruises, PONANT has itineraries to suit all tastes.

80 countries
450 ports
130 UNESCO sites

With a maximum capacity of 264 passengers, our ships are expertly designed to offer you ample space to move and preserve your privacy while remaining compact enough to access the more intimate ports and stopovers inaccessible to the bigger ships.


  • The Mediterranean Sea

    Magnificent sun soaked stops that offer both leisure and culture.

    • Treasures of the Adriatic Sea beginning with Venice
    • Voyage through the Aegean Sea (the Greek islands and the Corinth Canal)
    • Feel the Mediterranean charm of Corsica and Sardinia
  • North America

    Embark on an enriching adventure from the vast wilderness of Canada’s Far North to the iconic cities of the United States.

    • From fjords to glaciers, from Labrador’s Strait of Belle Isle to Quebec City, every stop as breathtaking as the last
    • Span the beautiful St. Lawrence River and The Great Lakes of North America
    • Experience the charming east coast with stops in New York and Boston

  • Asia

    From ancient civilizations to bewitching natural landscapes.

    • 7 countries: Japan, China, The Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Malaysia
    • Bali, known as the island of the gods
    • Tokyo, with its futuristic skylines and ancient sanctuaries
  • The Caribbean

    Pearls of the South and the dreamy archipelagos.

    • Grenadines, Antigua, Saint Barthélemy, Virgin Islands, Trinidad and Tobago
    • Exquisite ecosystems of the land and sea
    • Islands with vast sparkling beaches and turquoise seas
  • Antarctica

    Travel to the far southern reaches of the earth.

    • The White Continent
    • Rarely visited stopovers: Neko Bay, Fortuna Bay, Gold Harbour…
    • Giant ice bergs and fascinating wildlife
  • Oceania and the Pacific

    Enchanting places of unparalleled natural beauty

    • Papeete, on the island of Tahiti, is one of the most beautiful cities in French Polynesia
    • Hawaii, New Zealand and Australia and their many treasures
    • An unprecedented expedition cruise
  • Latin America

    Sail in the wake of Christopher Columbus and discover the sites of ancient civilizations.

    • Mayan and Incan ruins: major pre-Columbian sites
    • Traverse the great Panama Canal
    • Mexico, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador, Honduras, Chile
  • Africa and the Middle East

    A vibrant mosaic of rich and inspiring destinations.

    • Paradise beaches in the Seychelles and Maldives
    • Travel from the Oman Fjords to the Suez Canal
    • Stop in India, Sri Lanka and the Scattered Islands from Madagascar and Aldabra
  • Northern Europe and the Baltic Sea

    Feel the magic of the Celtic shores and northern capitals.

    • Nordic capitals (Copenhagen, Stockholm, Amsterdam)
    • The splendour of the Norwegian fjords and the North Cape
    • The best of the Baltic states, including St Petersburg, Tallinn, Riga and more
  • Alaska

    Follow in the footsteps of trappers and gold miners.

    • The Pribilof volcanic archipelagos nestled in the heart of the Bering Sea
    • Exciting wildlife: brown bears, walruses, caribou, whales…
    • Bring to life the story of the first gold miners
  • The Arctic

    The magnificent polar desert landscapes.

    • Greenland’s Fjords and glaciers
    • Iceland, the land of fire and ice
    • Inuit people and their traditions
  • Travel by Sea

    From sea to sea, from one continent to another.

    • Non-stop trips with 5-star comfort
    • For ocean lovers

Our Polar

Our Polar

PONANT, a pioneer and leader in expedition to polar regions, offers you a unique cruise experience. We ensure the best conditions for comfort and safety even while in the most isolated places on the planet.

Our tropical

Our tropical

The Caribbean, Central America, Oceania, The Indian Ocean, Australia and Indonesia:
Access to isolated and rarely visited places. Explore mythical rivers and enter the wild and majestic landscapes.

Our cruises

Our cruises

If you’re longing for adventure, our thematic and cultural cruises (Music, Gastronomy and Oenology, Golf, Art and Literature), bring inspiration and discovery to distant horizons.

Ocean cruises

Ocean cruises

Between two seas, two continents and two worlds, PONANT welcomes you aboard for Ocean Voyages.

Theme cruises

Theme cruises

PONANT offers theme cruises to tie your personal passions in with your travel experience!

An exceptional

Sleek and dynamic lines with a slender bow, the classic nautical spirit meets innovation. Our ships are specifically designed to accommodate a small number of passengers, offering a private and relaxing atmosphere while remaining small enough to port at secluded and rarely visited stops. Travel in comfort with the world’s newest and safest fleet.

The Yatchs
An innovative series designed for human comfort:
Le Boréal, L’Austral, Le Soléal and le Lyrial.

The Explorers
Experience the expedition in a unique way: Le Lapérouse, Le Champlain, Le Dumont d’Urville, Le Bougainville. Launching in 2020: Le Bellot and Le Jacques Cartier.

Le Ponant
A passion for the nautical tradition. Our emblem is a majestic 88-metre three-masted yacht.

Commander Charcot’s ship 
The first hybrid electric polar exploration ship.
The latest addition to the PONANT fleet will set sail in 2021.


Step into a refined universe. Our cruises are extraordinary down to the smallest details. Whatever your desires, an attentive crew is at your disposal to ensure an unforgettable cruise experience. Even in the most extreme and isolated regions, you can count on the very best conditions, comfort and service.

Experience the magic of PONANT.

French cuisine

Relaxation areas for reflection

An authentic and friendly atmosphere